Design is in everything and is the basis for how a product or service is formed. Ecodesigning a product or service means to make it desirable for people, minimise its environmental impact and maximise its business impact along its life-cycle by designing a circular system around it.

A key aim of ecodesign is to reduce to a minimum the overall environmental impact of a product or service. It refers to innovative design solutions in both products and services that take into consideration the entire lifecycle – from the extraction of raw materials to production, distribution and use – all the way to recycling, “reparability”, and disposal. Minimisation of pollutants during the production period is just as important as it is during the product’s lifetime. However, ecodesign is an elastic and evolving concept that is better considered as an approach to design than as a label for eco-friendly products.

Ready to start ecodesigning? Explore the eight steps in the ecodesign wheel.