Pumpipumpe – A Sharing Community

Pumpipumpe – A Sharing Community, has been working since 2012 to promote the sharing of everyday objects and thus a more careful use of our resources, more sustainable consumption patterns and more social interaction in the often anonymous urban neighbourhoods.

Stickers illustrated by Pumpipumpe put on letterboxes show neighbours – where they pass by daily – what you have and what you are willing to lend. Today, more than 24,000 households across Europe offer objects for rent, making freely accessible items visible and usable to their neighbours. The idea is to be able to share less used items instead of owning everything yourself. For our environment, our wallet, for a lively neighbourhood!



What is the mission of the project?

Sharing instead of owning!


Where and when did the project start?

Bern, Switzerland — 2012


Where (in which countries) is the project offered today?

You can order the stickers from anywhere in the world. Pumpipumpe has the most users in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France.


To whom is this project aimed? Who belongs to your target group?

Pumpipumpe was intended to be as translingual and age-independent as possible. We aim to address a diverse range of users in urban neighbourhoods. However, the project certainly makes more sense in urban regions than in the countryside.