Retoy – Playful swapping activities

Swap, borrow and create instead of buy, tear and throw. Retoy offers meeting places for children where play and experience-based learning is the essence of the business. In Retoy’s premises, children are given the opportunity to experience how old gets new by swaping instead of buying. The ambition is to inspire the children to grow up as co-creators into a more sustainable future society.

The average five-year-old in Sweden owns more than 500 toys. At the same time, the industrialized nation of Sweden consumes the resources of approximately four Globes. Retoy wants to offer all children a sustainable relationship to consumption, while educating both them, their parents and other adult role models on children‘s rights. At toy swap events children exchange toys they no longer use, donate them to kids in need, or upcycle them in the Retoy Lab. Potentially harmful toys containing toxic chemicals are sorted out in the process. A total of 70,000 toys have already been exchanged since 2011, equal to 120 tons of CO2 saved from swapping instead of buying new toys.


Sustainability Advantages:

– Reduced consumption of newly produced physical products

– Increased product life

– Promotes more sustainable attitudes and behaviors

– Promotes human needs such as participation, creativity, play and joy

– Environmental and human rights education