Learning Factory: how to eco-design circular systems

Bridge the gap between environmental science, design thinking and business reality – learn as professional designers, engineers or lecturers how to eco-design circular systems.

Practitioners and teachers from design, engineering and business can learn how to eco-design circular systems in the Learning Factory Ecodesign. In the Learning Factory participants go through a human-centered eco-design process learning how to use eco-design tools and methods in order to minimize the environmental impacts of products and services over their life cycle and maximize their benefit for the business, the user, the network-partners and the society.

How to develop circular economy systems?

Our training is based on learning by doing. You will practice circular system thinking in order to solve a complex ecodesign challenge in a multi-disciplinary team. This means that you will use effective ecodesign methods and practices to develop a meaningful product or service for users, while minimizing its environmental footprint and developing a sustainable circular economy business model for it. On top of this you will get some insights into manufacturing processes in order to find out, how you can influence the environmental impact in production through your design decisions.

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