EcoDesign Trainers workshop

Participate in the EcoDesign Trainers workshop. The workshop introduces circular design methods for product and service ideas, development for companies and public or community organizations.

The Train the Trainers workshop is geared towards experts and designers to support their focus on sustainability and increase their competency on how to approach companies on circular product and service development. The workshop is built around the three approaches developed during the  project EcoDesign Circle, (2016–2019) that integrate lifecycle thinking with design thinking, EcoDesign Learning Factory, EcoDesign Audit and EcoDesign Sprint, that cover the initial steps on working with circular design. The 7-hour moderated online Train the Trainers workshop series brings theoretical understanding close to real life examples in three sections on three days.

During the training, the participants are introduced to how to use the approaches and conduct workshops independently and discuss how this look like in real life. After the Train the Trainers, a circular economy expert in tandem with a designer can help to assess the companies and co-develop initial design concepts using these approaches.

After the completion of the training you will become part of the our alumni network of certified trainers and invited to the EcoDesign Competence Network to share experience and find opportunities for future collaboration.

The Train the Trainers is organized by the Estonian Design Centre. Send an email to if you want to participate in the training, want to know more about it, or to find an already trained expert.

The workshop outline

How do the approaches support each other?

When considering the approaches, use the Fast Track Assessment to decide which one to use in your individual work:

Fast track to find the way to right learning options
Trainers Fast Track Assessment