EcoDesign Circle Roadshow

Circular economy and ecodesign are all about smart, innovative and sustainable design solutions with minimal or no waste when a product is consumed.

An exhibition set up jointly by design centres from around the Baltic Sea and the German Environment Agency showcases successful examples for ecodesign in order to inspire other designers and consumers. With this exhibition, the Interreg project EcoDesign Circle fosters European integration as a prerequisite for a more competitive Europe.

Boxes full of good ideas

Five wooden boxes, six Baltic Sea countries, thirty great examples… Those are the figures that describe the touring exhibition “Reconsider Design” put together by the partners of the Interreg project EcoDesign Circle. The exhibition raises awareness of the role designers play in determining a product or service’s environmental impact and the responsibility that comes with it.

Some boxes open up into a Z-shaped folding screen in order to display the ecodesign objects within. Another one turns into tables and chairs. And these five wooden boxes are more than just certified wood painted in environmentally sound colours. Each of them contains a topical collection of excellent ecodesign examples and were divided into a theme; Learning & Playing, Consuming & Eating, Enabling & Moving and Dressing & Wearing.

These “cases” originate from the countries in the Baltic Sea region, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Finland and Estonia, and are thought to inspire and motivate, meant to serve as a model for the opportunities of sustainably designed products, services and concepts. Even better: these cases are practice-proven business models.

Read more about it in the article at Interreg Baltic Sea Region news “Ecodesign on wheels –  inspiring stories to reconsider design”.


© Gdynia Design Days 2017 | Bogna Kociumbas, Michał Szymończyk  


Below you can download the full Exhibition Catalogue in English. Additional to this, you also find downloadable versions of the exhibition texts translated into Swedish, German, Lithuanian and Polish.

Available downloads:
Reconsider Design | Exhibition Catalogue (English) (4.9 MB)
Reconsider Design | Exhibition Catalogue (Swedish Facsimile) (700 KB)
Reconsider Design | Exhibition Catalogue (German Facsimile) (700 KB)
Reconsider Design | Exhibition Catalogue (Lithuanian Facsimile) (700 KB)
Reconsider Design | Exhibition Catalogue (Polish Facsimile) (700 KB)
Reconsider Design | Workshop Manual | ‘Sustainability in Everyday Life’ – Workshop for Primary School Children (2.4 MB)

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