EcoDesign Audit

EcoDesign Audit is a diagnostic tool to integrate the design and circular economy related aspects into organization’s product and service development process.

It is developed to help the organization:

  • To identify its design capability and performance.
  • To understand the ecodesign, and specifically the circular design concept, and identify the possible circular design opportunities/approaches for the further product/service development process.
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It is meant for any organization to analyze its current design capacity, strategy, practices and product/service development approaches. It is especially suitable for SME’s, and more suitable for already existing organizations, since the methodological approach focuses on the assessment of existing design management practices as well as existing products and services.

The audit recommendations will help the organization to establish the basis for moving forward with product, service and business development. Recommendations may be further developed and implemented with EcoDesign Sprint.

Green arrows showing a circle with concept information
Structure of EcoDesign Audit

EcoDesign Audit has been developed by Estonian Design Centre in cooperation with Sustainable Design Lab (SDL) of Estonian Academy of Arts as a part of the project “EcoDesign Circle: EcoDesign as a driver of innovation in the Baltic Sea Region”

So far, EcoDesign Audit has been piloted in three of the partnering countries of the EcoDesign Circle project: Estonia, Finland and Sweden.

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