Four phases of decison making

IDEO´S Design Thinking integrates People, Business and Technology, however futures thinking needs broader view impact to planet-environmental and social.

How to integrate environmental impacts from the conception of a product through its entire lifecycle?


Ecovation Funnel – framework for filtering

The Ecovation Funnel is a framework for filtering new ideas for decision making to provide the tools in order to help business leaders understand future opportunities, their potential business impact, and necessary investments. The funnel takes numerous inputs from technology roadmaps, consumer insights, competitor intelligence, socio-economic trends, design trends, business strategy and brand strategy and formulates them into new ideas.

Ideas have to past all four gates. Three verticals Desirability – do people wants it?, Feasibility – technical, can we do it? Viability – business, will it be profitable and fit to brand? And taking account of the horizontal Environmental impact at every gate.

The Ecovation Funnel will help you provide the WHY, before the big investments are made in the WHAT and the HOW.

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