Services and their design play an important role in closing the loops in the Circular Economy. Whether a business offers its services mainly for other business (b2b) or for end-costumers (b2c), well designed services can increase the sustainability of product-service-systems significantly.
Services allow for interaction and feedback with different stakeholder and can pro-vide information or understanding at important steps in a circular economy.
Moreover, product-service-systems allow for entirely new consumption models and collaboration in a new dimension.

The benchmark approach

Comparing a solution that already exist is a good way to identify both: approaches that function in established markets as well as areas to improve.
Comparing a benchmark (e.g. the best solution in the market or the best solution within the portfolio) offers a reference and a solid base to build new ideas on.


Answering one section will take approximately 20 min, depending on the level of knowledge and the complexity of the service.

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