The design of a product plays a significant role in whether the product matches the requirements for a Circular Economy. Whether a product is designed for longevity, can be maintained and repaired and if a recycling process is in place is at the core of a sustainable usage and the potential to retain the value in the different loops of the CE.

Not only designer and producer, supplier too, can add to the sustainability of products by designing and producing parts and components to match the requirements for the CE.

The benchmark approach

Comparing a solution that already exist is a good way to identify both: approaches that function in established markets as well as areas to improve.
Comparing a benchmark (e.g. the best solution in the market or the best solution within the portfolio) offers a reference and a solid base to build new ideas on.

Answering one section will take approximately 20 min, depending on the level of knowledge and the complexity of the product.

What do you want to evaluate?

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