Circular product & service assessment

Although the circular economy requires a lot of rethinking, we do not have to re-invent everything. Great innovations build on good existing solutions.
To seize and identify opportunities for businesses to become more circular, this assessment looks at the most important design decisions that influence the impact of products and services along the life-cycle stages. Based on science and practical experience, we translated these decision gates into a guiding questionnaire.


These questions help assess the best solution in the market (the benchmark) or an own product or service and even compare the two. Identifying opportunities for growth and areas that are already really well established within the organizational structures and networks is the first step for developing a circular strategy and circu-lar products and services.

What is a benchmark?

The benchmark is a standard or point of reference against which the own offer may be compared. Ideally the benchmark is the best sustainable solution in the market but it could also be the offer that is most liked by users or have another significant property.

But it’s not about crunching numbers, it is an enabler to gain a first insight in the principles of sustainable design. If an answer is uncertain: go by your gut feeling.
Ready to discover the potentials of circular design?

What should be evaluated?