Bepco – Circular transport packaging systems

Our offer is simple, we develop circular systems based on universal crates, pallets or dollies that provide an efficiency for all supply chain members, from producer to wholesaler, and finally to consumers in the stores.

Biotrem – Disposable wheat bran tableware

The disposable tableware Biotrem is completely biodegradable – through composting – in a mere thirty days. Wheat bran is a by-product, which forms during the milling of wheat grain. Biotrem’s production process uses only pure, edible wheat bran and a very small amount of water.

Compostella’s 1 for 4 paper

The 1 for 4-paper by Compostella, is a storage and baking aid that completely replaces aluminium foil and parchment paper made with silicone. The household product was specifically developed to be used directly with food. It is also compostable.

Karma – Save food with a tap of a button

We are Karma, a free app that connects you to restaurants and grocery stores with surplus food for sale. The app allows retailers to sell their surplus food to consumers at half price – instead of having great food go to waste.

Mushroom Packaging

Unlike styrofoam, Mushroom Packaging consists of 100 percent biodegradable and renewable material that can be recycled directly in and by nature. Mushroom Packaging therefore contributes to “up-cycling” by providing new value to agricultural waste that otherwise has few other uses and low economic value.

Nepenthes – Design meets sustainability

Marilu began to think about the possibility of using only one type of plastic for the whole bottle. This was the background for her question that led to the innovative design where the bottle and lid on the bottle became one.

Ooho! – Sustainable packaging

Ooho! is a new kind of packaging made from seaweed that proposes an alternative to plastic bottles. The spherical water container is easy and cheap to make, strong, hygienic, biodegradable – and even edible.

Paketa net – No package

“No package” is a real eco-market. We pursue a comprehensive environmental policy aimed at reducing the ecological footprint of the average consumer. Goods that can be sold by weight we sell without packaging, we bring high-quality plant analogues of animal products to the city, and we support environmental initiatives: campaigns for the separate collection of waste, and plastic distribution monitoring.

Recycling Machines – An incentive-based waste management system

In 2019 the City of Warsaw, together with Our Earth Foundation, EcoTech System and Coca-Cola, launched in Warsaw the first network of Recyklomats in Poland. These are devices for selective waste collection, which is an attractive way to remind residents that it is worth segregating waste.

Refill – Bring your bottle

Refill has initiated a really simple project and its simplicity is exactly what makes it so convincing. The action group wants to promote tap water as a tested high quality drinking water and thus combat the amount of waste generated from beverage packaging. Refill stickers at shops‘ and public facilities‘ windows or doors …

Rekopol – How to design recyclable packaging

We are the only packaging recovery organisation set up by companies that introduce packaged goods on the Polish market. We fulfil the obligations to recover and recycle packaging waste and run public educational campaigns.

Swapp! – Refilling stations

A closed-loop, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sales system based on refilling stations, application, reusable packaging and ecommerce.

UrCup – Reuse system for catering & events

UrCup was created as a response to the demand of caterers and event organisers on the need to protect the environment we live in. Our idea is to produce and distribute reusable cups and other products such as plates, cutlery and mugs.

Zero Waste Scotland

Zero Waste Scotland exists to lead Scotland to use products and resources responsibly, focusing on where we can have the greatest impact on climate change. We are a not-for-profit environmental organisation, funded by the Scottish Government and European Regional Development Fund.