Gröna Listan – The Green List for public procurement

The Green List presents the furniture that meets high environmental requirements, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, within the agreement for the Regional Authority of Västra Götaland (VGR), a public organisation responsible for healthcare with 55,000 employees.

Houdini Sportswear

Houdini Sportswear is a Swedish company, making outdoor products in a sustainable way. To prolong the life of the products further and to be careful with resources Houdini have something they call their Re-projects where they offer repairs, second-hand, rental and recycling.

Inrego – Extending the life of IT products

Inrego is a circular business where it is all about taking care of the value of the products, thinking about the long term and consuming smarter. They have developed the company based on the ambition of being circular.

Karma – Save food with a tap of a button

We are Karma, a free app that connects you to restaurants and grocery stores with surplus food for sale. The app allows retailers to sell their surplus food to consumers at half price – instead of having great food go to waste.


Our goal is to create a city that moves in harmony with the people. With that we mean a 100 percent clean and quiet distribution that reaches every household as part of the city and on the infrastructure that is most suitable for the moment, regardless of whether it would be road or bike path.

Retoy – Playful swapping activities

Swap, borrow and create instead of buy, tear and throw. Retoy offers meeting places for children where play and experience-based learning is the essence of the business. In Retoy’s premises, children are given the opportunity to experience how old gets new by swaping instead of buying.

ReTuna – The world’s first recycling mall

ReTuna Återbruksgalleria is the world’s first recycling mall, revolutionising shopping in a climate-smart way. Old items are given new life through repair and upcycling. Everything sold is recycled or reused, or has been organically or sustainably produced.

Smarta Kartan – The Smart Map

The Smart Map is a mapping of initiatives that promotes access over ownership, for instance bike kitchens where volunteers show you how to fix your bike, electric car pools, and solidarity fridges where anybody can leave and pick up food.