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Compostella’s 1 for 4 paper

The 1 for 4-paper by Compostella, is a storage and baking aid that completely replaces aluminium foil and parchment paper made with silicone. The household product was specifically developed to be used directly with food. It is also compostable.

German Ecodesign Award

The German Ecodesign Award (Bundespreis Ecodesign) is Germany’s highest state award for ecological design. In the four categories of product, service, concept and young talents, it awards submissions that meet the highest ecological and design quality requirements.

Magnic Microlights – Smart lights

Magnic Microlights by Dirk Strothmann are break blocks with integrated dynamo lights for bikes. What is innovative is that their dynamos don’t require physical contacts to the rims.

Nepenthes – Design meets sustainability

Marilu began to think about the possibility of using only one type of plastic for the whole bottle. This was the background for her question that led to the innovative design where the bottle and lid on the bottle became one.

NochMall – All but new

The encouragement of recycling is a central pillar of the corporate strategy of Berliner Stadtreinigung (Berlin Waste Management, BSR). With the second-hand department store NochMall, which opened in the summer, BSR intends to intensify its efforts in this area.

Refill – Bring your bottle

Refill has initiated a really simple project and its simplicity is exactly what makes it so convincing. The action group wants to promote tap water as a tested high quality drinking water and thus combat the amount of waste generated from beverage packaging. Refill stickers at shops‘ and public facilities‘ windows or doors …

Shards – Urban mining

With her project Shards Lea Schücking found a way to create aesthetically appealing tiles without having to resort to extracting new raw materials. Shards shows consumers the potential and beauty of recycling building materials.

Shift6m – Modular smartphone

The family-run company Shift GmbH has developed and launched SHIFT6m, a smartphone that combines design and responsible production. The device has a modular design so that users can replace or repair components on their own.

Urban Terrazzo

Urban Terrazzo turns building rubble into a new surface material. Building waste, like concrete or bricks, is carefully selected and put back together using the traditional terrazzo method.

Velospeeder – Ultra light

In the growing urban space, the transition from cars to more resource-efficient and environmentally friendly travel, like bikes, is an important step in improving the quality of life. To make biking more attractive, Velogical engineering has developed an ultra-light retrofit bicycle motor.