EcoDesign Circle

EcoDesign Circle works to increase knowledge of ecodesign at the Baltic Sea Region’s small and medium-sized businesses, designers and design organizations. This will in turn lead companies to create methods that benefit from ecodesign.

In the project, with determination that ecodesign is a sustainable and inclusive design that benefits people and the environment, we work to reach transition to a circular economy that helps to create jobs for tomorrow’s markets.



The goal is to build an operational model and a competence network based on circular economy, ecological design and sustainability. To increase opportunities for ecodesign and to extend cooperation between the design center in the Baltic region for small and medium-sized enterprises.

EcoDesign Circle is a three-year project run by design organizations and universities from Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Finland. It is led by the Federal Environment Agency in Germany and is funded by the EU through the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Program. The Swedish initiative is represented by SVID, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, which cooperates with Green Leap at KTH.

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