Velospeeder – Ultra light

In the growing urban space, the transition from cars to more resource-efficient and environmentally friendly travel, like bikes, is an important step in improving the quality of life. To make biking more attractive, Velogical engineering has developed an ultra-light retrofit bicycle motor.

The Velospeeder is a friction wheel drive. The two electric motors on the rear wheel rim are pressed against the rim and spin the wheel. The Velospeeder produces most of its engine power itself. The innovation lies in the geometric arrangement of the pendulum axis, the motor mount, and the power transmission on the friction wheel.

The average additional weight of conventional e-bike motors and retrofit kits is 4-7kg. The reduction of components in the Velospeeder saves as much as 20-50 % of material. Any pedelec that needs to be replaced is basically useless without a battery. A retrofitted bicycle will still ride properly, even if the battery is, at some point, no longer available. The Velospeeder delivers high performance and is largely maintenance-free. It is not possible to create a lighter or more resource-efficient bike motor. It will make a key difference in making mobility more environmentally friendly.



What is the mission of the project?

Energize your ride.


Where is Velogical engineering located?

Cologne, Germany.


To whom is this service aimed?

Our target audience: commuters, sportive and touring cyclists who need highly durable equipment.