Shift6m – Modular smartphone

The family-run company Shift GmbH has developed and launched SHIFT6m, a smartphone that combines design and responsible production. The device has a modular design so that users can replace or repair components on their own. Access to all components is simplified by using screws or click and plug connections. The company even provides tools and tutorials on how to replace and repair individual parts. This gives users the ability to prolong their smartphone’s life span.

The family-run company has succeeded in creating an ecologically and socially responsible chain of production. They use materials that are both resource-conserving and recyclable. Shift is also very attentive to the working conditions at the production site. Specifically, they pay attention to the wage, working hours, and insurance, which sets new standards for workers. Production and final assembly of the product happen in a small production plant in a city in China. Their employees there have very different work hours, vacation time, insurance than what is normal in the phone industry.

The company offers a device deposit for the SHIFT6m for every device that is no longer needed – regardless of its condition. This makes the SHIFT6m a landmark project in an industry that still thinks very little about sustainability.



What is the mission of the project?

Our company is called “Shift” and stands for change. With our work we want to create a change in society. Now we are working on smartphones, because that is where the interest and market is. We also want to send a message to other producers. Beyond that we want to convince society with our values and we do not want to support capitalistic thinking structures but instead come back to values.


Where and when were Shiftphones started?

The family-run company is located in Falkenberg, Hessen, in Germany. Shift is developing smartphones since 2014.