Shards – Urban mining

Lea Schücking’s project “Shards” employs a traditional yet new process to produce tiles. Her materials are bricks collected from building rubble and recycled glass. These are crushed, mixed and then fired to form tiles. The tiles’ color and structure depend on the type of brick, the ratio of brick and glass and the firing temperature. To develop different recipes, Lea Schücking tested and evaluated mixture ratios and firing temperatures in a very complex process. The result is a wide range of colors and textures. Every tile is unique. Nevertheless, different tile blends work in harmony and can be used in combination.

With her project Shards Lea Schücking found a way to create aesthetically appealing tiles without having to resort to extracting new raw materials. Shards shows consumers the potential and beauty of recycling building materials.



What is the mission of the project?

Building rubble recycling is really urban mining: the city becomes a mine for raw material. Using secondary materials that we have effectively already paid for in the sites where they originated is really important.


Where did your project start?

Kassel, Germany.