Finnish roadmap to a circular economy 2016-2025 – Leading the cycle

The world’s first national circular economy roadmap was drawn up in Finland in 2016. The roadmap is a strategic instrument for promoting comprehensive change in society. The roadmap brought together the views of key actors in society on the needs for change and measures relevant to the transition to a circular economy.

Through strong and wide-ranging stakeholder work led by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the views of society’s key operators on the essential measures for promoting circular economy were collected, and ongoing circular economy projects were identified. Finland’s current Government Programme gained a strong circular economy emphasis on the basis of the roadmap.

Since Finland, many countries have drawn up their own circular economy roadmaps, and instructions for compiling a roadmap are now available to anyone interested.



What is the mission of the project?

The mission is to make Finland a global leader in circular economy by 2025 and promote the objectives set in the EU Commission’s Circular Economy Package.


Where and when did the project start?

The project started in Finland in 2016 at the initiative of Sitra. The first roadmap was published later that year. The road map’s second edition “The Critical move”, published in 2018, updates Finland’s plans to reform its economic model to ensure successful sustainability. 


Where is the service offered today?

Following the first roadmap in Finland, several European countries have begun to draw up their own national roadmaps. Following the publication of the “How to Create a National Circular Economy Roadmap” guide, published in connection with WCEF online (a top event in the circular economy organised by Sitra in autumn 2020), instructions for creating a roadmap are now available to everyone.


To whom is this project aimed? Who belongs to your target group?

Public administration, the business sector and the consumer interface. Private and public sector operators.

The Roadmap for a Circular Economy brings together the views of key stakeholders on how to move toward a circular economy. Governments, municipalities and cities, businesses and consumers all have their own role to play in promoting the circular economy.