Rekopol – How to design recyclable packaging

We are the only packaging recovery organisation set up by companies that introduce packaged goods on the Polish market. We fulfil the obligations to recover and recycle packaging waste and run public educational campaigns.



Who are we?

Rekopol recovery organization operates in the environmental protection sector. We thoroughly deal with recycling, and more precisely we co-finance selective collection and preparation for recycling. We educate how to segregate, how different colors of containers correspond to different types of packaging and how to manage them to be recyclable. Rekopol has started the project „Education through experience, ecodesign in practice for designers and promoters of environmentally friendly packaging.“ The project was co-financed by the Ministry of Development through West-Pomeranian Advisory Group as a direct grant provider. We are the first company in Poland that raises this issue and decided to confront package designers with business and entrepreneurs introducing products in packaging to the markets. We started this project by visiting recycling plants to find out what packaging waste recycling looks like in order to present this knowledge to designers and packaging promoters.


What is Circular Ecoomy for us?

Why is it closed loop? Because there is rotation: waste, raw material, the packaging that is filled and sold, the product we buy, which then becomes waste and so on. Extended producer’s responsibility is one of the most important concepts that the Circular Economy package includes. It means that the producer bears responsibility not only for the product, but also fort he packaging that he puts on the market, so it can be used for further recycling.