Pokupay Pravilno – Shop without packaging, “Buy Right”

The best packaging is none. Delivery of groceries and goods to home/office without rubbish.



What is the mission of the project in a sentence?

The minimum goal is zero waste in our families, the maximum goal is zero waste in your families.


Where and when did the project start?

St. Petersburg, Russia — 13 June, 2018


Where (in which countries) is the project offered today?

St. Petersburg, Russia


To whom is this project aimed? Who belongs to your target group?

For people with already existing eco-habits and for complete newbies alike. Those who share waste or just want to start doing it. Those who have not yet thought that it is possible to buy in a different way, and suddenly read something about it and were inspired. Those who care about their health and the health of loved ones, choosing household non-chemistry. Those who want to buy as much as needed and without any marketing pressure from packers.