Magnic Microlights – Smart lights

Magnic Microlights by Dirk Strothmann are break blocks with integrated dynamo lights for bikes. What is innovative is that their dynamos don’t require physical contacts to the rims. The new technology utilizes neodymium magnets and the eddy current. The Magnic Microlight generator has a magnetic wheel inside, which produces an electric current in the non-magnetic bicycle rim.

In order to get more bike riders on the road, we need to make them feel safe. That is what these lights are for. Magnic Microlights can be attached without physical contact to the bike rim. As a result batteries, troublesome cables or additional fasteners are no longer necessary. Magnic Microlights are also more eco-friendly than battery-operated clip-on lights. The lenses used also have a special design: The Magnic Microlights have a double lens for two LED lights. This saves space and weight at full capacity. It is also important to the manufacturers that the basic materials can be reused and they also want to introduce a take-back system for damaged products.



What is the mission of the project?

Don’t fear the dark! The best time to cycle is whenever you want.


Where and when did your project start?

Dirk Strothmann has been selling the first contactless dynamo-driven bicycle lighting system around the world since 2012 through his own company, Magnic Innovations (based in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany).