Karma – Save food with a tap of a button

Karma is dedicated to battling one of the world’s largest climate issues: food waste. We are passionate about building the best solution to make sure food is never wasted.
We are Karma, a free app that connects you to restaurants and grocery stores with surplus food for sale. The app allows retailers to sell their surplus food to consumers at half price – instead of having great food go to waste.



What is the mission of the project in a sentence?

To create an effortlessly sustainable lifestyle.


Where and when did the project start?

Karma was founded in November 2016, by Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren, Elsa Bernadotte, Ludvig Berling and Mattis Larsson. Our founders, a team of experienced entrepreneurs, knew that they could apply their knowledge of building successful businesses and create something with real value and purpose to tackle this problem.


Where (in which countries) is the project offered today?

Sweden, United Kingdom and France


To whom is this project aimed? Who belongs to your target group?

Anyone who holds a smartphone in their hand and wants an effortless solution to living sustainably (or simply just wants to eat delicious food at half price).