Inrego – Extending the life of IT products

Inrego is a circular business where it is all about taking care of the value of the products, thinking about the long term and consuming smarter. They have developed the company based on the ambition of being circular.

The factory is built for reuse where the premises follow the process for which the business is designed. A walk-through in the factory begins with the sorting of products like keyboards and mice.

These products pose a certain dilemma as they are difficult to reuse. Unfortunately, there is no big demand for these things today because they are often included in new purchases and therefore abound by both companies and consumers.



Safe deletion of information

After sorting, the part will come where all computers will be emptied. Once Inrego has received the products, the information is safely deleted. This is something that many can miss when they dispose of products in other ways, with the risk that sensitive information ends up in the wrong hands. After the erasure is done, the products are tested and upgraded to meet the latest standards. They are thus ready for a new life again by being sold or rented to companies, organizations or schools.


Large carbon dioxide savings

By utilizing the computers in this way, 109 kilos of carbon dioxide are saved per computer. The savings are not just about reuse but also transportation. On delivery, the computers are packed in a very efficient manner. With 100 computers per pallet compared with only 24 new, there will be a big difference in the transport line as well.


Rescue station increases reuse

Due to labor costs, unfortunately, some products are scrapped instead of being made. But this part, Inrego has managed to decrease by dividing them even more. Through different sorting routines, they can match different products in the system to merge into new components. This step goes under the name of the rescue station, which allows them to reuse much more than at the start. Part of this is a machine that makes it possible to use old keyboards. Thanks to new printing, they can get a sense of “new” and also adapt to other languages ​​if necessary.


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