Händelö Eco-Industrial Park – Industrial symbiosis between industry and city

Händelö is situated just outside Norrköping, Sweden. With land, rail and sea-based access, Händelö was a logical choice for Lantmännen Agroetanol to locate their ethanol factory in 2000. The neighbouring combined heat and power plant could offer competitive energy prices but the critical point was that E.ON fueled their plant mainly by a renewable fuel mix. The combined outcome is that Lantmännen Agroetanol produces several things from this cooperation; namely, ethanol fuel for transportation, protein-rich animal feed and carbonic acid for the soft drink market.

E.ON provides district heating for the citizens in Norrköping as well as businesses. The other main actors in the Händelö consortium consist of Norrköping Municipality, Nodra (municipal utilities company), Norrköping Harbour and Linköpings University.


Introduction to industrial symbiosis by the EU-Project SCALER


What is the mission of the project?

Händelö Eco-Industrial Park – world-leading industrial symbiosis between industry and city through bio-based and circular economy.

At Händelö Eco-Industrial Park, we make sure to utilise industry and city excess resources in a synergetic network of actors. Here, we are proud to display innovation and knowledge about green renewable resource efficiency. We welcome new enterprises and visitors to a location where together we prepare societies’ resources for a more circular and sustainable world.


Where and when did the project start?

The network involves cooperation between a range of public and private sector actors who have been working to reduce Norrköping’s carbon footprint since the early 1990s.

Currently a project is running which aims at developing further material and energy efficiency at Händelö, as well as recognising the current throughput of the actors’ part of the industrial and urban symbiosis. The project idea has been discussed for many years among the actors but has not been able to move until project financing was secured. The project began in January 2020 and is financed by participating actors and the European regional development fund. The project will run till the end of 2022.


Where is the project offered today?

The Händelö Eco-industrial Park is located in Norrköping, Sweden.


To whom is this project aimed? Who belongs to your target group?

Händelö Eco-Industrial Park has several target audiences we would like to reach and inform, including politicians and policy makers inside and outside Sweden, industries interested in becoming valued members of Händelö, suppliers of bio-based raw materials, students and future employees for Händelö businesses, and the local community in Norrköping.