Green Dream Boats – Eco-boat manufacturing

Green Dream Boats® is a young, fast-growing shipyard, located on the Baltic coast and develops battery-powered boats. On sunny days you can navigate the Solliner boat using 100% sunlight energy. On days more cloudy, the marine rated gel batteries will supply enough power to navigate up to eighteen hours without charging.



Who we are

We created Solliner boats because we care about the environment and our customers do as well so it makes us a kind of pro eco family. The Green Dream Boats is a private shipyard, which was founded by Mr. Miroslaw Skwarek. We found a niche between motor boats and traditional yachts and we decided to invest heavily and enter this sector. The company works on the global market and our main goal is to promote it and create a world brand.  We introduced a brand that represents a choice of lifestyle, a way of thinking. It is something between motor boats, so speed, adrenaline but also damage to the environment; and yachts, which are the opposite but also require huge commitment and strength. We are in the middle, providing stabilization, a maintenance-free boat that only needs to be charged once, put on water and it can basically sail infinitely.

Creating an interesting and ecological product is not a problem, it is a challenge. We wanted to create something that identifies the goal of our company, ecology and a great product, which is above all to please people. Because for us the most important thing is to give our customers something enjoyable, calming. At the moment this technology does not produce enormous power, speed, noise and pollution, motor boats do that. And we will not take away the fun of real sailing, we just want to give people something in between, options.