Can high-quality silk be produced without harming the environment or the animals involved in silk production? The project Cocccon by Chandra Prakash Jha makes this possible. The desire to be both socio-ecologically active and at the same time produce exclusive fashion gave birth to the organic silk project.

The positive effects that Cocccon has achieved in biodiversity to date at its own silkworm farm are phenomenal and exemplary. The method is designed to avoid interrupting the silkworm’s metamorphosis. Unlike in conventional production, the larvae are not killed. At the same time Cocccon been able to avoid using any toxins. Cocccon’s fabrics are GOTS certified and an impressive example of how exclusive fashion and the protection of nature and diversity can go hand in hand.



What is the mission of the project?

Creativity can care.


When and where did your project start?

Social entrepreneurship project Cocccon was founded in 2012 by Germany based Indian fashion designer Chandra Prakash Jha. After spending almost, one decade in the Indian and international fashion market, he redirected his attention over to his own native state Jharkhand, where economic and social development is far away from reality.