CitiCAP – Citizens’ cap and trade cocreated

The project concentrates on enabling and promoting sustainable urban mobility in Lahti, Finland. Among other measures, such as open mobility data platform and SUMP, the project develops a model for personal carbon trading on mobility and an application for the citizens that enables real-time tracking and visualisation of one’s mobility carbon footprint.

Lahti is the first city in the world to pilot an application with the personal carbon trading (PCT) logic behind. The CitiCAP application makes it possible to engage citizens and positively encourage them for making a change in their mobility behaviour. The basic idea of the application is the following: Every user will receive a carbon budget that will get spent based on their travel mode choices. By making more sustainable travel choices the user earns virtual euros that can be exchanged on a marketplace to city services, or discounts on local businesses. The mobility data platform opens up possibilities for new mobility service development.

Funded by the EU Urban Innovative Actions 2018-2020.



What is the mission of the project?

To promote sustainable mobility through citizen engagement.


Where and when did the project start?

Lahti, Finland — January 2018.


Where is the project offered today?

The service has been piloted in Lahti. We share our learnings to fellow cities in order to encourage them to start developing their own personal carbon trade pilots.


To whom is this project aimed? Who belongs to your target group?

Our citizens.