At we created a digital platform for material suppliers, fashion brands, sorters and recyclers, where tools and resources can be accessed to ensure circularity in every step.

The circular design software, consisting of a material library, design guidelines, and a product development tool, supports fashion brands to design circular and sustainable products. By providing a digital tag, a circularity.ID, to be integrated into a garment, we aim to collectively set a standard for transparency and traceability enabling reverse supply chain intelligence for customers, sorters and recyclers to ensure that each piece is recycled into new fibre again.



What is the mission of the project in a sentence?

The system spreads knowledge and provides the infrastructures needed to enable the products of today to become the resources of tomorrow.


Where and when did the project start? is a Berlin-based social business, which was founded in 2018.

The launch of the new online training, The Circular Design Sprint, was in October 2020 and the launch of the Circular Design Software was at the end of 2020.


Where (in which countries) is the project offered today?

It is offered worldwide, with a focus on Europe.


To whom is this project aimed? Who belongs to your target group?

We’re supporting fashion brands and designers on their journey toward circularity by sourcing sustainable and circular materials, consulting in the design process and providing an infrastructure for recycling. Therefore, we also work with material suppliers as well as sorting and recycling companies to build a reverse supply chain infrastructure.