Bepco – Circular transport packaging systems

Our offer is simple, we develop circular systems around universal crates, pallets or dollies that improve efficiency for all the elements of the supply chain, from producer via wholesaler to the  consumer in the store.

We provide a complete system to handle all product movements – RTI’s (returnable transport item) rentals, returning transport, washing, sorting, stocking, repairing and asset management. Through this system we enable users to utilize the same crates and pallets across the Baltic states and Scandinavia.

Adding further to the efficiency, Bepco is developing a Pan Baltic RFID infrastructure that offers vastly improved product tracing to all parts of the supply chain. We believe that fewer types of universal crates as well as reuse, instead of single use, are keys to decreasing packaging waste, reducing environmental impact and improving efficiency.



What is the mission of the project in a sentence?

Bepco’s mission is developing a universal and efficient returnable transport packaging system, which can be used to deliver all categories of products from producers to stores. There is no reason for using more than one type of crate.


Where and when was Bepco started?

Bepco was launched in Estonia in 2010.


Where (in which countries) is the service offered today?

In Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


To whom is this service aimed?

The Bepco pooling service is developed for food producers and retailers, but it is also widely utilized by, for example, DIY and electronics goods delivery.