Compostella’s 1 for 4 paper

The 1 for 4-paper by Compostella, is a storage and baking aid that completely replaces aluminium foil and parchment paper made with silicone. The household product was specifically developed to be used directly with food. It is also compostable.

Compostella’s 1 for 4 paper provides consumers with an extremely eco-friendly and everyday alternative to common household products. The 1 for 4 paper is made completely from cellulose. It is made from FSC-certified wood, collected during forest management. Thanks to the innovative mechanical processing, it keeps its shine, grease barrier, slight transparency and heat resistance. Unlike parchment paper it is silicon-free and unlike other cling wraps it is completely petroleum-free.



What is the mission of the project?

Composting instead of recycling. All packaging will be disposed of at some point in the future. Some are incinerated, others are recycled, far too few are composted.


Where is this paper produced?

In Laubach, Hessen, in Germany.